My real name is Jos Verboven, but artistically I go by Brainvoyager.
I’m a Dutch creator of cosmic and ambient electronic music, living in The Netherlands.
Spelled as ‘Brain Voyager’, this name appeared in 1985 as Robert Schroeder’s, a German electronic musician, 7th album title.
This name covers exactly what Brainvoyager’s music stands for: a voyage within the listener’s brain, thus turning him or her into a real brainvoyager.
You are kindly invited to discover how great these voyages can be.
Electronic music has been a big musical passion for me for almost 35 years now, however,
the first 33 years were spent as a listener.
My biggest influences come from Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream & Steve Roach, but I like trance music as well, and I’m not unfamiliar with the music of the likes of Armin van Buuren either.

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