Position: Moderator / Live DJ
Country: USA

Hometown: Loveland (CO)

Genres: Dungeon synth, atmospheric black metal, and dark ambient, primarily


Cartoonist. Author. Musician. Diogenes's Daughter. Undisputed Queen of Goblins.


Sarah Allen Reed is an incredibly prolific cartoonist, musician, and author. Sonically, she is the musician behind Ophelia Drowning and Coma Roulette, as well as many other projects, and is the voice behind the RDT radio show "The Forest At Night". When she’s not busy touring with one of her bands, drawing away at a greasy spoon, messing with one of her pet Linux servers, playing her banjo in the moonlight, or wandering throughout the United States, she can often be found tending to her garden, spending time with her dog Polyhymnia, or floating above the coast at midnight, waiting for the tide to wrap her in its loving embrace and take her away.